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Front Range Bicycles

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Airborne Bicycles

If you like to fly, we will supply your feathers, and then, allow you to reach the heights you have only dreamed about. When choosing an Airborne Bicycles bike you can rest assured that wherever your ride takes you, there is a model of bicycle that will suit your purpose or needs. From a leisurely trek on an open mountain trail, to the gnarliest of downhill runs, Airborne Bicycles will "stand and deliver" with the best of them.

Spectre(Cross Country)

While the price tag isnít outrageous, the features you get with the Spectre are. Designed for recreational XC riders and people just getting into the sport of mountain biking, the Spectre offers many of the same advantages as bikes three times its price. With a light weight aluminum frame accentuated with shaped tubing, disc brakes, and 100mm of travel in the front fork, this puppy is equipped to help you dominate all sorts of terrain. With the aforementioned aluminum frame, the Spectre"going fast and having fun". At the end of the day the Spectre is a bike that doesnít just accommodate the recreational rider, it gives them the ability to keep up with the big boysÖand it does it all at an affordable price tag.

Spectre Sport(Cross Country)

The Spectre Sport is the pinnacle of value and quality when it comes to hardtail mountain bikes. While the Sport is rugged and light enough to serve as an all-season commuter, itís undeniably built for performance on the trails and boasts some upgraded features over its little brother the Spectre,. Starting at the base, the Spectre Sport is made from premium grade 6061 aluminum, giving it a great strength to weight ratio and setting the stage for a riding machine that will instantaneously respond to all your commands when tearing through technical descents. Featuring double-butted tubing, a formed downtube and 3D drop outs, the Spectre Sport offers a clean fast ride for purists who enjoy the classic feel of a hardtail. Equipped with a SRAM X.7 rear derailleur and SRAM X.5 trigger shifters, the 9-Speed drive train and a Rock Shox Dart 2 fork, concerns about your bikes handling and reliability are quickly alleviated. SRAMís reputation precedes it, and the drive train is noted for being light, responsive, and reliable through anything Mother Nature throws at you. Rock Shox has remained one of the most respected names in bike suspension for over 20 years, and their unparalleled manufacturing expertise is reflected in the Dart 2. This fork combines adjustability, weight and performance into a package that will help you eat up rock gardens with ease or climb constant steeps with efficiency, making your whole ride fun - start to finish. Sparing no expense, the Spectre Sport boasts a hydraulic braking system and Kenda mountain tires. The FSA Power Drive bottom bracket is lighter and smoother than that of almost any bike youíll find with a similar price tag and will also improve the stiffness of your cranks, translating each ounce of your energy directly into pedaling power. Tektro Auriga Comp Hydraulic disc brakes are also something youíd expect to see on a bike at a much higher price point, but the Spectre Sport offers all the perks: sheer braking power, better braking control, and reduced maintenance, that come with the Tektro Auriga Comp Hydraulic Disc package. And last, but not least, the Kenda 2.1Ē MTB tires have been synonymous with performance and durability ever since they were introduced. It doesnít matter how good your brakes are or how smooth your drivetrain is if you canít put the power to the ground, and Kenda helps you do just that. Not only that, but they hold your line through the rough stuff and rip up the corners like a World Cup racer. Call it the cherry on top, but these tires top off a component package that will have you tearing up and down the mountain like never before, making your riding experience, simply put, more fun. So, for those looking to slay single track on a tighter budget, the Spectre series is a perfect fit!

Zeppelin(All Mountain)

There is nothing better than finding a deal. When that deal comes with proven suspension design, Rock Shox suspension fork, Marzocchi rear shock, SRAM X.5 trigger shifters, SRAM X.5 rear derailleur, Tektro Mechanical Disc disc brakes, WTB saddle, Alex wheels, and an FSA crank, you really have found a deal you canít deny! Itís tough to make the jump to full suspension without breaking the bank, Airborne helps make it a reality. The Zepplin frame is built to last and perform with sealed pivot bearing and a strong aluminum frame. The first time you hit the local trail you will feel the world class performance features of the RockShox Dart 2, Turnkey, Disc Specific, 120mm travel fork paired up with the legendary Marzocchi Coil F rear shock. Pushing the tires through the tundra is an FSA Alpha Drive crank running through a SRAM rear derailleur, cassette and shifters. This 8 speed drivetrain features SRAMís world renowned trigger shifters. If you feel the need to slow down, the Tektro Novela Sport Mechanical Disc disc brakes with 160mm rotors are at the ready. Confidence and comfort are found in the rough and ready WTB wheels and WTB Speed V Sport saddle. WTB holds a high level name in the industry and builds tough, comfortable saddles as well as stiff, durable wheels. Now that you have found an amazing bike at an amazing price itís time to fill the hydration pack, grab some gels and get going! The trails are calling and your Airborne is ready.

Zeppelin Elite(All Mountain)

Airborne has a history of quality and performance. The Zeppelin Elite is no exception. The rugged aluminum frame is dressed up with sealed bearings connecting the main-frame to the 5Ē of single pivot, rear travel through the Rockshox Bar 2.1 Air shock . Balancing out the plush rear travel is the RockShox Tora 289, U-Turn suspension fork. The Tora 289 allows the pilot to dial the suspension from 85mm to 130mm of bump-conquering travel. Putting the power through the mud is the FSA Alpha Drive crank churning the KMC X-9 chain through the SRAM X.7 shifters and X.9 rear derailleur. Holding all this power to the ground is the Alex DP17 Double Wall 32h disc specific wheelset and Kenda 2.1Ē MTB tires. Controlling all this accelerated activity are the Tektro Auriga Comp Hydraulic Disc brakes. Up front, a Kalloy cockpit provides the control and strength that the world has come to expect from Kalloy products. Holding the rider in place is a sturdy WTB Speed V Sport saddle. The combination of the proven frame design and world class components creates a ride that will elevate your game and open the door for that epic ride that has been on your mind for months. Now is the time to get on your Airborne and get out and ride.


Whether itís rocking out at your favorite bike park, nailing that drop-in at your local freeride spot, going big deep in the woods, or even a little street or park action, the Marauder is a versatile bike that will fit your needs! This is a progressively designed bike that will fit your aggressive riding style. The 6Ē travel Marauder freeride frame takes its features and details from its big brother, the TAKA, and shares characteristics found on higher end DH bikes to give you confidence at speed and over the nastiest of terrain. The frame on the Airborne Marauder uses the proven durability of the Zeppelin and Zeppelin Elite frames with a few minor modifications to allow for a bike better suited for the Freeride discipline. The head tube angle is a little more relaxed than its All Mountain counterpart. The Marauder wheelbase also smaller than that of the Taka positioning it nicely right between a Taka and a Zeppelins. Using a modified Zeppelin geometry allowed Airborne to save substantially on the weight of the bike and give you more options of where and how to ride compared to other "Freeride" bikes. This bike truly satisfies the term "Freeride." Helping maintain control on those steep chutes and rough descents are some Tektro mechanical disc brakes featuring 203mm rotors, a feature tough to find on a freeride bike at this price-point. Big brakes donít matter if the tires don't have the tread to hold the ground. Kenda provides a 2.6 front and 2.35 rear to bring the bike to a halt. Drivetrains on freeride bikes are often overlooked. Not here! Not by Airborne! Featuring a 2x8 drivetrain to give you a low gear to climb to the top, with plenty of gear for hauling the descents and don't forget the clearance of having the bash guard. You'll be set for days at your local trails all the way to enjoying lift access days in the summer at the closed ski resorts. Of course, the Marauder also boats a 1.125Ē headtube for strength and compatibility as well as replaceable hangers just in case you come up short on that next landing.


Whether itís rocking out at your favorite bike park, nailing that drop-in at your local freeride spot, going big deep in the woods, or headiní out to the mountain for some lift service action, the TAKA is serious bike for serious riders that wonít let you down. This is a progressively designed bike that will fit your aggressive riding style. The 8Ē travel downhill frame used on the TAKA features details found on high end DH bikes, such as an 83mm BB shell and 150X12mm hub, combined with a single pivot suspension system to give you confidence at speed and over the nastiest of terrain. Keeping with the active and playful nature of most single pivots, the TAKA loves plowing over rough stuff. At home on the jump trails like Dirt Merchant at Whistler or the gnar of the PRO ONLY National Champs track at Sol Vista, the TAKA is ready to take what you can throw at it. The TAKA features a Marzocchi 888RV 200mm Dual Crown front fork designed to accommodate steep, rugged downhill terrain and drops as large as you can stomach. To balance out the 8 inch travel package is a plush Marzocchi Roco R Coil-Over in the rear. Suspension is typically the focal point of suspension and as you can see by the specs, Airborne certainly puts together a great suspension package. They certainly didn't forget about the rest of the bike either. Boasting Avid Juicy 3 hydraulic brakes with 203mm rotors, there is plenty of power to prevent you from taking everlasting flight. Sometimes you gotta go slow to go fast, to do that, you need brakes that you can rely on. Avid will never let you down. Awesome brakes paired with a solid SRAM 9-speed drivetrain and a FSA MOTO-X 40t crankset with an e-thirteen LG1 chain guide, you will be out there beating guys on the race track on bikes that cost twice what your TAKA did. Finally, a super cool KORE cockpit provides stability up front with trusted WTB DH wheels wrapped with Maxis Minion DH 2.5 tires. Maxxis provides the best tires in the world and are the choice of almost every racer world wide. You would be surprised to see that many World Cup racers who are sponsored by other tire companies still run Maxxis! All together, this is a package you surely donít want to pass up. Heck, if you are serious about downhill, you canít afford to pass this up. You will be hard pressed to find another bike of this caliber without spending almost double the money. Take Flight and pickup your TAKA today while they are in stock.

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